Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fashion Patterns by Connie

Connie Crawford makes the most wonderful patterns.  Here's her original website:
She knows how to make patterns that actually fit extraordinary woman, like me.  A couple of years ago, Butterick finally got wise and started offering her patterns, so now whenever I see them on sale, I pick up a couple more.  There is a nice collection in my sewing room.   Here is one of those patterns, B5654, made in a rainbow t-shirt knit that I picked up a long while ago.  View B.  I'm not going to say which size, but I am in the 3X-6X range.   The neckline looks awfully wide, but I assure you, my bra straps were still covered, and actually, it looked pretty good on me!  I'm wearing this to church tomorrow, with a black skirt.
Someday I might get pictures of me actually wearing the clothes, but I have to teach my cat how to work a camera first.


  1. Gorgeous, Jane! I've been meaning to make a few of these in a more sedate knit to wear over work pants with a vest, for teaching in. I'm not convinced about that neckline, though...

    How did the neck binding go?

  2. The neck binding is in two pieces - the front piece and the back piece, which has the lace. It looked complicated, but was a lot easier in execution.