Friday, September 29, 2017

The Handmaid's Tale

I have not seen this show.  I hope to, someday.  The costume pictures and descriptions are everywhere, though, so when a friend asked me to make her a red cape, of course I was up to the job.
I found a freebie cape pattern online, and we picked up some red gabardine from, and that was that.

Here are the cut pieces. 
Then I sewed the sides to the back.

Finished the edges by just turning and sewing down, and sewing a large hook and eye to the neckline.

And then she tried it on, with the bonnet that she picked up.  I did fix the shoulders later, and open up side slits for her arms to come through (marked by the safety pin).  I'll try to get more pictures later and post them, but here it is.   Really easy job, and she looks good!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sewing on a rainy Saturday

This is the Ultimate Wallet, found at
Yes, I paid actual money for this pattern. 

 It was an interesting pattern, but I was lost until I watched the Youtube video.  While I like videos just fine, I hate that the directions weren't clear enough that I couldn't sew the wallet without it. 
However, now that I know all the tricks, I may make it again, just for the fun of it. It took about 4 hours, with a lot of ripping and re-doing. 

And then I made the Hedgerow Book Bag, found here:
This was a free pattern, but really great.  This one took about 45 minutes the first time.

This was a quick and easy pattern.  I like it a LOT.  I will probably make more of these.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Where have I been?

It's been a full year since I last posted.  I have a good reason - I bought a house!

It's a tiny house, actually a condo,and it all came about in a totally unexpected way, but here I am.  Moved, unpacked, and more or less settled.  Two bedrooms, two baths, which means.
I HAVE A SEWING ROOM!   Yes, an actual, real room, dedicated to sewing!  It's small, and I've rearranged it 3 times already, but I'm loving it.
So I've been sewing.  I have a lot of fabric that I want to sew up into little things quickly that can sell at a craft fair, and I'll give the money to my church's youth group. 
Here's some of the stuff:

That's all for now.  I'll post more pictures, maybe if/when I ever get my sewing room settled and ......well, it'll never be neat.  Everyone who sews knows that.

Monday, April 11, 2016

The health kit bags for 2016

I've probably mentioned these before.  Every year, my church collects towels, washcloths, shampoo, and other assorted health items, fill bags and give them away to the homeless.
This year I decided to give them a challenge and made 90 bags.  Here they are.   I know they are greatly appreciated and I love using my talent for something like this.  The fabric I've been using lately is the cotton quilt backing found at  It's a good sturdy cotton and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year sewing!

I did a fair amount of sewing over the new year's long weekend.
Found this pattern online:

And made it out of some heavy cotton that used to be curtains in my last apartment:
Enjoy!  The pattern is pretty quick and easy, and makes a nice bag.

Here's another picture, with the bag stuffed with THREE of my jackets!  It's HUGE.  I love it.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Sewing for Christmas

I found this pattern on Facebook.  It's a cell phone holder wristlet, very quick and easy to make.  It comes in three sizes and this is the largest size.

I couldn't put the cell phone inside and still take pictures, so I put my Roku remote in, just so you can see how it works.  It snaps closed.

And I liked it so much that I made two more of them!
Merry Christmas to all.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Another big project - A Regency Corset

A friend asked me to make her a Regency corset.  As always, I can't resist a challenge, so I took it on.  Surprisingly, the sewing part was rather easy; it was the fitting that took a lot of time and patience.  But it came out beautifully, as you will see:

Here is the pattern I used.
There were also a lot of web pages that I referenced.  First thing I learned was to use a good sturdy cotton (or silk) fabric that didn't fray very much.  I found a nice woven cotton at Walmart that I used for the lining, and a nice cotton twill for the outside layer. 
These are the pieces, before I sewed them together.

Do you see that little dip in the top of one of the pieces? That's the underarm piece.  It will be important later.
My first attempt at fitting was with the simple lining. Bad idea.  Without boning, the fit just never works right!  So my 2nd fitting was using 2 layers of the lining, so I could put minimal boning into the corset.  That made a huge difference!   Then I sewed the pieces together and fitted again.  Here are some pictures.

The next learning point was to *not* use metal eyelets!  They shred the lacing!   And, when I tried to fit at this point, it turns out that those underarm cutouts cause a definite lack of support for the chest.  Ah!  So in my next attempt, I remade the sides, taking out the cutouts, and put sewn buttonholes in the back instead of metal eyelets.  Success!  I also put in all of the boning and the busk in front, to help with body definition. 

Here are pictures of the back and the front, with boning, and the straps added.   All I had to do now was shorten the straps a little, and we were done!   The model graciously allowed me to take pictures for the blog.

So now I can honestly say that I have made a Regency corset.  It was a fun learning experience!
I don't know why the corset looks so yellow - the fabric really was white!  Must be the lighting.