Saturday, April 12, 2014

A few little projects

There was a dinner at my church, and I realized that while I had made casserole carriers for other people, I didn't have one of my own!  So I had to make one.  I like this pattern because it is custom-fit to my exact casserole.  I found the pattern online somewhere, a long time ago.

I have a really nice blue leather purse that I picked up from a DC street vendor, but it's basically a giant bag.  Nothing really useful in the way of pockets inside, so I bought a purse insert.  Yeah, it was cheap and lasted about a month, so I found a pattern and made one.  This is a Portapockets pattern, and I really like it.  I made the large-sized insert, and it took me the better part of 2 days to figure it out!  But the end result is well worth it.  Now I can actually find stuff in my purse!