Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Sewing Room, Where the Magic Happens

I have never posted pictures of my sewing room, where 'the magic happens'.    This is in a corner of my apartment living room.
 Obviously, things get moved around a lot as I work, so this is just a quick picture of what it looked like at that moment.  The sewing machine is hiding behind the white cutting board, and the serger is on a small table behind the worklamp.   The wall to the side is where I hang the tools that I use the most (a lot of scissors, too!), and the shelves behind are for my patterns, books, notions, and other stuff that hasn't been put away yet.  It's in a constant state of flux.
And this is in my spare bedroom, otherwise known as 'my fabric collection'.  Just like the sewing corner, things get taken out, new stuff gets put in, and stuff gets moved around a lot.  For example, those books are now in the main sewing area (easier to reach).  I like the wrapped-wire shelves because they allow air to circulate around the fabric, and whenever I move, they disassemble easily and can be made to fit any new space.  They're the perfect answer to an apartment sewing professional's fabric collection!