Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas to me!

Here's what I got for myself for Christmas.  My beloved old Singer is just wearing down from heavy use for almost 30 years, and the very good salesman made me an offer on this Juki F400 that I just couldn't resist. 

It sews like a dream.   And here's one of the items that I made with it!
Simplicity pattern 2289

I had to add about 8 inches to the sides because I am rather an extraordinary woman, but it's warm and soft and wonderful to wear, when it's very cold out.  It's REALLY WARM.  The fabric is a heavy cotton sweatshirt knit that I picked up a long time ago. Nowadays it seems that all you can find is polar fleece.  Nice stuff, polar fleece, but sometimes you just want cotton next to your skin, you know?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Technology Bags

Once again, it's been a busy, busy summer.  I was working on a play for part of it, and mostly just avoiding the heat as a general rule.  I do have stuff to post, but for now, just the one item.

This is another Jane-created pattern, based on the cell phone bag that I made.  It's called a 'technology bag', because it's designed to hold a Kindle in the big pocket, with your cell phone in the front. 

I put the scissors there to show an idea of the size.  So far, it's a very popular item. It has the same long strap as the cell phone bag, so you can wear it cross-body for safety. 
Oh, and there is plastic canvas pieces in the front and back to protect the Kindle, and still be washable.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas is over!

Finally!  Christmas is over and now I can post the pictures of what I made.  Oh, don't get excited, they're not all that fabulous. 
A friend of mine asked me to make a bathrobe for her son.  Something warm and wonderful.  He just loved this fabric!

My sister told me that her husband had worn out his bathrobe, so I made this one for him. 

Next in line, I made tote bags for my sister and nieces.   This is the one for my sister.    She's a nurse, so when I saw the nurse hat print, I couldn't resist.  It's one of those totes that fold up into its own pocket.  The pocket is the print with animals on it.

Here are the tote bags for my nieces.  I found the fabric first, decided to do tote bags, then made custom-made zipper pulls, my one and (so far) only foray into beading.  It was fun, but I don't see myself making jewelry.  The ocassional zipper pull will be fine.

So, that was Christmas 2011.  I hope you enjoyed it!