Monday, January 19, 2015

Sewing for the Shelter

I have been helping these lovely folks:
and in January, we make little quilts for the kennels at the local shelter.   So last weekend I got a couple of HUGE bags of fabric and batting, and cut out a bunch of quilts.  This weekend I sewed them.  All told, I made 45 quilts.   And they were approved by my very own quilt-tester, the Princess Rita.

It's a great project, and I love helping the animals, because I can't bring any more home.  My allergies and budget just couldn't handle the stress.   So I'll make them little quilts to protect their paws until they find a forever home.  If you don't have a furry overlord ruling your household, now is the time to go find one!  It's never too late.

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