Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Great Leather Jacket Project

Oh my goodness, it's been over 3 months!!     The only explanation I can offer is that I haven't done anything worth showing.  Honestly, the bulk of my work is mending and alterations.  I call that 'my bread and butter work'.  It's just fine by me, but there's nothing to blog about.

However, I have something to show you today!  I took on a project a couple of months ago that I had never done before.  Unfortunately, I never could resist a challenge, so I agreed to put a new lining, and new ribbing, on a leather jacket.  Boy was I scared, but it was finished this afternoon and looks just marvelous!

Here are the before pictures.  Note the shredded lining and worn-out ribbing. 

Here's some of the pieces after I've taken the out of the jacket.  This was a *fun* process.

And here's the jacket, with no lining or ribbing.  Well, except for the ribbing on the bottom. That was removed later.

And finally, here's the finished product of weeks of hard work!!

I got the heavy-duty ribbing from Seattle Fabrics online, and the new lining is a flannel-backed satin from Online Fabrics.  The color is called Oyster, but it turned out to be a lovely buttery-color that went very well with the current leather.  The new ribbing is a very dark brown (the only brown they had), but it also went very well with the jacket.  All in all, I'm very pleased with this particular project.


  1. What a project! I'm thrilled for you that it's so successful.


  2. Congratulations - experience will always win out! What a beautiful colour for the lining. Look forward to hearing what the next project will be.